I need mod ideas


I never mentioned addTopics…


Each development step have some information that probably affects the final result of the game.

What I’m saying is: mess with that values and see if you can manage to create the Multi-Tier mods using it.


Well, I would have to improve the levels for 1 thing, and there isn’t something specific for Topic


You can use GameManager.Company to know the topic used in the game that is being developed and, based in this information, change or not the values from Mission’s stage…


Well that would affect the sliders percentages a user would have to use right?


That’s a point… but I can’t answer it.
As I said, I don’t know how the game is evaluated after the development process… I’m only suggesting some way of doing it. You can try it and see for yourself if it works.

Btw, it’s more likely to be done if you try it instead of explaining to yourself “why it can’t be done” before even trying, imo


Well I’m trying to picture it in my head, how it would work, it definitely wouldn’t affect the review algorithm, it could only cause increased sales, which I should be able to do, I’ll look into that.


Just try to get the pros of doing/trying something too xD
Maybe doing something that doesn’t work for this mod in specific you learn something that you can use in another mod…

Anyway, good luck with any project you have.


Well it should work assuming there’s a calculate sales function I could hijack.


@PatrickKlug how do I actually add a research that you can’t put in an engine with a onResearch callback or smth?


Again @patrickklug


Bring back the multiplayer mode… We need GDTMP and how about making Shareholders’ Edition a reality or u can just merge GDTMP and shreholders’ ediiton


I’m not bringing back GDTMP, although shareholders edition looked cool I have no idea what it actually would’ve done


Alright @JayCheetah I thought I’d update you on this a little bit, I’ll make a small mod about this, although for now it will only add an R&D lab research, that’s the only research option I can think of that has a callback for post-research.


If that is the way to go then go for it :slight_smile:


Hey, this is really great idea, go with your plan.