I found a fatal bugs in android version

When you develop a Custom Console, the genre and audience combinations are generated based on your list of previously released games; they aren’t predetermined like the standard consoles. They are therefore different between one playthrough and another, and even potentially different between one custom console and another within the same playthrough.
For genres, your two most frequently used genres will be +++ (Great), your third most frequently used genre will be ++(Good), fourth and fifth will be + (Okay), and sixth/least frequently used −− (Bad).
For audiences, your most frequently used audience will be +++ (Great), second most frequently used ++ (Good), and least frequently used + (Okay).

This isn’t work at android version. in fact it’s completely opposite. Your two most frequently used genres is --(Bad) and your third most frequently used genre is ++(good) fourth and fifth is +(Okay) and sixth/least frequently used ++(Great)

This bug just makes completely pointless to develop custom console.

I hope you guys can notice this bug and please patch this as soon as possible

Thank you.

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@rangermann can you guys look into this?

On it.

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Wow i didn’t expected this past react

We tried to reproduce this, but failed to do so. Maybe it is an error that has to do with your specific save game. Could you please get in touch via support+gdtm@greenheartgames.com so we can have a look at it? Thanks!

How can i find the save file?
And i did reinstall the game but still the same
My most used genre is Action but my console keep --(Bad) at it
And i only used once casual genre but console gives ++(Great) at it…

You can do that by going to the main menu, then pressing down anywhere on the screen (next to the menu buttons) with 3 fingers for 5 seconds. After that the currently loaded save-game-data is copied to the clipboard. You will notice a hitch in the background animation when that is done. You may then send us this data by pasting it into an email to support+gdtm@greenheartgames.com.

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Can confirm. On Android, I rarely do casual & strategy, and they are my custom console’s best. Action and RPGs do the worst, and I mainly do those