Hungarian translation


Hey guys, I would like to translate your game into hungarian in my free time. If you are interested just send me a message.


Hey, I’d like to help in the translation, too. If you guys are interested to translate your game into a very specific language, which got no close relevant languages (except for the Finnish a very little bit), feel free to contact us. :slight_smile:
I’m already registered to the translation page.


I am also interested in translating the game.

I am the editor of Magyarítások Portál ( where me and my team collect all the hungarian translation for games and we also translate games for developers, publishers and also as a hobby. For our references please check



I would like to help in the translation.:slight_smile: I am a big fan of this game and I am very accurate when it comes to language. My translations would be precise and it would feel native.:slight_smile:


There are two experienced moderators needed before they release the hungarian translation. :slight_smile:


Do you know how they choose the moderators? Because I have a translation team, so i can tell them to post here a message and we can start translating maybe after it.


I can help as a moderator beside Panyi.


Me too. I want to help in everything.



I’m also up for the translation in my freetime. Unfortunately most of the people in Hungary don’t speak english and maybe it can open a new (but small) marketplace for you guys.
I work as a QA member at a developer company and I’m responsible for the translation of our CRM system so translation is not new to me.
I can be a moderator or just a simple member of the community.


Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?

@Panyi I have upgraded you to moderator on the translate site. Please feel free to choose another to help you, just let us know who and we will upgrade them.


Ok Guys, the HU translation is live for testing! :clap:

This is how it will work;
-Restart your steam client.
-Right click on Game Dev Tycoon in your steam library.
-Go to properties, beta’s, select your language
-After that select the HU as beta build. Your game should get updated after that.

Please start a new game to test otherwise some strings may remain in English.


Hello gondolom hogy magyar abból kifolyólag hogy tibor a neved és magyarra akarod fordítani a játékot. Engem érdekelne a magyararításod.


Thank you. We are wokring on the reviewing and next to it we are testing on Steam too. I will let you know if we finnished.


We are a small group and would like to translate Game Dev Tycoon to Hungarian.

The two moderators, as requested are:
-lostprophet ( previous works: )

-Panyi ( previous works: )

Could you please add Hungarian language to the current list, so we can start working on it? Should I send a PM or email to anyone in particular about this?

Hope to hear from you soon,
Zsolt Brechler ( lostprophet )


@PatrickKlug will get back to you about it. Well done on getting organised!


Okay, we’ll wait then :slight_smile:


< insert waiting music here >

@Charlie, when is the update for the translation to be in the game?


@lostprophet sounds great! thanks for your interest. At the moment we have paused all translation integration work until the steam release is out (later this month) and until we can update the localization files to reflect changes made for the steam release. Once this is done we will come back to translations and unlock new ones.



Me too. I want to help in translation. Daily Up to 2-3 hours.