Hungarian translation


Can i help in anything lostprophet or Panyi?


I think we have enough translators for now, but thanks! :slight_smile:


@PatrickKlug: Since GameDev Tycoon is out now on Steam, when can we expect to start translating? :smile:


Hey Guys,
Please keep an eye on this thread;


Hey Guys, As per the main HU thread I have upgraded @Panyi and now also @lostprophet to moderator status at the translation site, Best of luck and we look forward to seeing your progress!


Hey we want to translate the game dev tycoon to hungarian.


I merged a random thread re HU into this one to try and keep things tidy!


The Hungarian translation is final and can be merged.


Hey Guys,
If you would like to be mentioned in the credits please let us know by posting here. Also please let us know if you were a Moderators, Top contributors or Quality Assurance.