Help TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null


Hi, I need help solving this.
Download Super Consoles mod and when activated mod
The game Game Dev puts a white screen that says "defaultBrowser.html"
And I get this error “TypeError: Can not read property ‘id’ of null” only happens to me
When active Super Consoles help please.
(If you notice that you do not understand much is that I do not speak English, I’m using the translation xd)

Mods: Mod API
Expansion Pack Mod
Ultimate Lib
Cheat Mod
Better Handling Error
Super Consoles

If nothing can be done, thanks for the help


Pretty much you really can’t do anying. Besides, its the modders fault.

What you can do however is try to redownload the mod. Make sure you place the mod on ‘Mods’ folder.


I already downloaded it 3 times and the error is still there, if nothing can be done
Same thanks for the help


I’m sorry that your problem isn’t fixed. :confused:

Besides, i’m sure there are better mods to play around than trying to fix one mod.