Help I cant play the game! I got an error

I have just downloaded the game and i get to the screen where it says to click to play and once i do i have a black screen with a small white bar and an error pops up. "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Slot’ of null. I don’t know why i have no mods installed. Someone please help!


same here!

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I bought the game in the microsoft store and have the same error

Had the same issue. In the lower left corner for me, there are three horizontal lines. Click this, it opens a menu for selecting a new game. Selecting continue before creating a save game gave me this error prior, but this allowed the game to launch. Hope this works for you too!

This same issue is preventing me from playing as well; just bought. The solution from TannerCooke does not work for me.

same here! please help! I just bought it!

you should download games from websites. the apk form of games doesn’t show errors.