Greek translation

As I’m seeing that nobody has started this thread as of the present time, I’ll go ahead and offer my services as a Greek translator. I have had some experience with translations in the past (mainly websites) and I have got a Proficiency certificate in English. With that being said, I think I’m ready to go! Just give me the green light.

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Welcome to the forums Jim :smile:
Do you have any friends who also play Game Dev Tycoon who could also help? Its a big job for one person.

Unfortunately, none of my friends are currently playing the game but I’m up for the challenge to do it all by myself! :slight_smile: You see, if the game was translated in Greek, probably more of my friends would give it a shot.

I would like to help you,as I have a Lower certificate in English and I would like to be involved…but I don’t know anything about programming.The only thing I have translated is an obsolete wiki (unfinished) the game of which has “died”.
If you still want my help,contact me at

So, uh, you’re a fellow Greek? Anyway, sure, I could use your help 'cause from what I understand it’s gonna be a pretty big string file(s) to translate. But, how do we start? I guess we have to get the OK (and the files) from Charlie. Or, maybe, the strings file can be generated through a debug menu of some sort (like CorsixTH). I don’t know, Charlie, please enlighten us? lol

Hey to get the Greenlight you will need at least 2 people with previous translation experience. Then we would open a translation project on where you would register and start adding/approving suggestions.

So, I need one more person. I see. Hopefully I find them.

I think I can help! I am from Greece, and I have a Proficiency certificate as well!

I can help with the Greek translation.Well as much time allows me to.I learned English mostly by speaking with others while playing online games.I also got a certificate but that doesn’t mean anything.Many people have one but a paper doesn’t prove how good you are at something.I guess we’re enough now to start the translation :smile:

That’s just about great! Charlie, give us the green light, I think we’re ready to start! :smile:

Hey Guys,

Greek has been added. Let me know who is to be promoted to moderator. :smile:

Awsome! :smiley:
Also, I’d think @Jim_Iliadis should become a moderator, because he started the topic. However, if anyone else is interested, I have no problem. As for me, I don’t want to be one, as I don’t always have much time.

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I cannot locate User @Jim_Iliadis on our translate site under the username or email address he used to register here.

Sorry about that, I hadn’t signed up on that site. Everything is fine now, right?

All sorted! :smile:

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Hey guys,

Just checking if everything is ok and if you need anything? :smile:

Everything is alright! :smiley: Just not everyone is very active. I try to contribute as often as I can. Hopefully I can finish this during the weekend.

Sounds great! :tada:

Oh, and by the way, since you mentioned “needing anything,” I do have a question. When this is all done, will we be credited to some extent, as I find this project to be a good way for me to showcase my work to potential contractors/other projects in the future should I decide to take this translation hobby more seriously. Thanks. :smile:

Hey Jim,

Once we have the completed project and it gets implemented as a beta I will be back to ask for a list of people who worked on the project and if they were;
Moderators, Top contributors or Quality Assurance.

So I will need your names as you want them to appear on the credits and what your role was :smile: