Greek translation


Cool, that’s good to know. Thanks for the quick reply. :smile:


Congratulations and well done on finishing the Greek translation project :clap: :tada: :tanabata_tree:

If you took part and would like to be listed in the credits please let us know here if you were a;
Top contributors
Quality Assurance

And also the name as you would like it listed in the credits. Thanks!


I was a top contributor and a moderator. List me in the credits as Jim Iliadis, thank you very much. Looking forward to helping you guys out with other projects in the future.


If you guys still need help, I’m here too :smiley:


I found some bugs!Βρηκα μερικα σφαλματα! I took a picfrom it!Τα τραβηξα φωτογραφια!Αλλα λεει “new users can’t upload photos”!But it says “new users can’t upload photos”!How can I sent it to you?Πως μπορω να σας τις στειλω;


Isn’t that shutdown?


Περιμενε λιγες μερες. Λογικα μπορεις να τα στειλεις τωρα. Απλα βαλτες εδω στο ποστ
Wait for a few days. I think you can send them now. Just post them here like you would.