Great Combinations List + Time allocation sliders


I earned something like 6.7M in the game. Thx to this website!


This is such a flipping lie !!!




These things are kinda outdated.


Steam Guide is the only helper.


I was going for the “Perfect Game” achievement, but I got 10,10,10,11. Thank you DimieLannes. Now I will NEVER get the “Perfect Game” achievement.


I have put sliders to 80% in a large game according to this guide when i didnt read any further and got a 11 out of 10 so it is surely possible


Then Goes another user who replies to a dead user.

Anyways, So Does the Steam Guide still counts 100% accurate @vizix ?


New update, New guides.
Will try and cough some up.


Well, I was planning on making a new one, a lot more detailed etc, you could also let me do that, no need to spend time here then.


Worked for me, i have millions now