Great Combinations List + Time allocation sliders


I earned something like 6.7M in the game. Thx to this website!


This is such a flipping lie !!!




These things are kinda outdated.


Steam Guide is the only helper.


I was going for the “Perfect Game” achievement, but I got 10,10,10,11. Thank you DimieLannes. Now I will NEVER get the “Perfect Game” achievement.


I have put sliders to 80% in a large game according to this guide when i didnt read any further and got a 11 out of 10 so it is surely possible


Then Goes another user who replies to a dead user.

Anyways, So Does the Steam Guide still counts 100% accurate @vizix ?


New update, New guides.
Will try and cough some up.


Well, I was planning on making a new one, a lot more detailed etc, you could also let me do that, no need to spend time here then.


Worked for me, i have millions now


Hey I’m new to the forums here but I was curious. what are the %'s next to each section of development? like if you select Save game and multiplayer and a % shows up at 67%. what does this mean? I’ve been trying to understand this section of development for a while now and I can’t quite figure it out. no tutorial I’ve seen video wise or text wise has explained this part of development.


Every feature requires some time to implement it fully.
The less time you set for your team to work on a certain stage, the less they will work on the features (hey, Cap!). As far as i understand it, devs split their time equally between features they are supposed to work on. So if they got not enough time for a certain feature, they will accomplish only 67% (for example) of what was needed.
The more advanced a feature is, the more time-consuming its implementation is, and the more time you should set for a stage to implement things fully. Or simply remove some of the other features to free more time.