Great Combinations List + Time allocation sliders

@JCanonz Yep, that’s what I use as a cheat-sheet when I play GDT :smiley:

this topic really needs a replacement :confused:


there is no newer topic except for one and that’s an unreadable wall of text

they dont really work sertaiin combos need diffrent game sliders postions i prefer game reporting all the games i make pluz it isnt cheating :wink:

Good Job! I actually used the Hacker and Action option, and then followed the Percentages, and while in the Garage, I got a Solid 10 GAME!

In the 1.5 version its not work…
In the second office i not got any staff i do a casual game and get 9.75, but in the final office with full staff i NOT EVEN GOT A 10 (not avarage score), i know this outdate but pls, update the topic pls

Everything’s not perfect, and I believe GHG never made any changes to the game recently other thn bugfixes, so nothing’s changed.

It isn’t the fault of the topics, your game get’s a lower rating because the game is programmed to make it harder every time you go into a next stage (Example’s: You move in to a bigger office, the next year with the next E3 etc.)

And plz don’t necro

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You replied to your own post…

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Haha, this made my day :wink:

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Yup ! Newbies always do that ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, First time going to the forum and dont know anything
And i know that my name is so creative and logic

A flower that takes Revenge: :blossom: -> :rage: -> :baby_bottle: :dizzy_face:

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Actually its a lilly that want to make a revenge (even no one hates it)
So creative and kawaii :blush:

I could’t find any pink flowers.

EDIT: Ow, lol XD There are :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you coming here from the top Google hit (which is still the case, as of Nov 21 2015), you can find a more in-depth guide here:

This should hopefully help you avoid all the snarky comments being thrown about on here.

Also inb4 ‘ermahgerd dont necro’ :stuck_out_tongue:


I will throw in that you cannot put a single slider to 80% when creating a large game. The most you can is 60%, and still have only 100% work load on an employee.

Well it’s technically just over 60%, as you can get away with about 19.98% on the other two sliders, but close enough to make the statement.

Unless someone knows for sure that working your staff past 100% can still yield an 11/10 or even a perfect 10/10 x4 game, we can only go, for casual games, 20%, 60%, 20% in the first two categories, and then 10%, 50%, 40% for category 3.