GDTMP-XD Reborn (Multiplayer Mod) [5.0.12]


@Haxor Well, That`s the idea. But still there is a lot of things to fix and its terribly hard to do so due to the nature of javascript and the inborn messiness of the great coding.

I am actually considering rewriting the code with Documentation and micromanagement of methods but ill do that once the current build is stable for use.


Well congrats on this, finally the great mods of the old ages are coming back :joy:


Oh nice. I can finally ruin other people’s consoles with terrible games again.


Devious… Just devious hahaha


I have noticed some people entering invalid ips in the site. Entering a blank or invalid ip may cause errors in the game.

It doesnt take me awhile to edit the files but i cant always check for bad syntax.

Please avoid submitting a blank.


hey uh, this is like the first time i post something in like six months or so lol,
i remembered gdtmp having ‘dynamic’ serverlisting so i don’t really understand why you switched to a ‘add manually’ thing.
here is a quick explanation of how to do it:

iirc the three server requests are bsrvs, register and unregister.
register adds ip
unregister removes ip
bsrvs shows all listed ips. also i don’t remember how bsrvs looked like, you might need to fix that lol.

also to explain this, we need one big ‘storage’ thing, so lets use ‘string[] ipholder;’ for it.
anyways, for register:
-> Get requester IP
-> Check if requester IP is not already in use, if yes, remove.
-> If port is not between 1-65535 or is equal to zero, set to default port
-> Add requester ip + port to ipholder like “”
-> Send something back

for unregister, just follow steps 1 and 2 of register
and for bsrvs, get entire ipholder list and send it to the requester

shouldn’t be that hard, i finished the code that did it within five minutes, although it was in lua on luvit, not php.


I am grateful of this as it is really really helpful

To explain why i added a manual add is because I couldn`t figure out how it ads a server to a list and removes it once the server is closed. I was thinking what if it was using a Mysql in which i have little knowledge on java to mysql interactions.

I will try to fix this in the next version. Thank you :slight_smile: !

(and yeah the code of the mod is semi messy so it didn`t really help. Darkly still did a great job in coding everything in any case


Hey I really want to play this game with the multiplayer mod but we always have errors during or game. Can you finish the game with this mod and if yes which mods do you use.


@Dumblelore I got a few questions:
Do you keep working on the mod?
Do you keep renting a server for the mod testing while working working on it?

I got more questions, but are depending on your answers.


"Last post Jul 5"
That user is on Long AFK (away from keyboard) from GreenHeart Games Forum.
Besides, this mod is also dead.
So sadly that user cant really reply on you.


Well in case HE DOES come back, I want to ask:How do you get it work with HAMACHI?!
Edit:Also last post was on August 19th, so no, he’s slightly more recent than that.
Although he didn’t reply to my comment here, he did reply to my topic on making a multiplayer mod. Another one.


@Dumblelore So my buddy and I coincidentally both assassinated my friend’s employees at the same time, killing two of them. We both got caught and arrested, so we want to know if you ever get out of prison. One of my staff became CEO, but he was invisible as was the rest of the development team. I could still tell them to make games, fire them, send them on vacation, and there was a “hire position” button in the top left where I hired a new CEO and could now see him. I went and hired all new staff as well, and then had them start working. Then they dissapeared again. I may have gotten my save to a point where I cannot get unarrested now but do you after a certain amount of time or…? I attempted viewing the dmultiplayer.js file and found all the functions and such for the assasination events, and to me it appears as if you get unarrested whenever CEO finishes his “research.” Can you help me out here?


For murders you cannot get unarrested. Although being invisible was not supposed to happen. Could you send me the save file @ -------------email redacted--------- so I can check it out and see if I can reverse it.

For what you saw as unarresting after finishing his research. its the complete opposite where it waits for the research to finish before arresting you so the research doesn`t bug out.


I see, thank you. I will send you that file. I didn’t look to much into it but I had thought you may have set up some custom research that took a random amount of time and after it was finish you were unjailed. I am still able to develop games and such, but nobody works on them so I’m unsure if that’s what you intended or if it’s a bug.


That part is definitely a bug. Probably with the new CEO generation.


Hello!. The savefile works perfectly for me. I havent tested it on a multiplayer server since i dont have time.


Hello I have my own server! Can test! Do you have any new version! I’ll test

[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)

Serverfile dosent work . Virus detected


Hmm it’s unlikely that there’s a virus. But yeah it shouldn’t work as the server hosting the files are down


This mod is still working? I wanna play with someone.