GDTMP-XD Reborn (Multiplayer Mod) [5.0.12]


So before everything why XD ? cuz xD finally restarting this
I am not gonna format this for now as this is just debugging.

-Temporary Server List Fix
-Trading Fixed
-Co-Developing Money semifixed (Richer guy some how gets less money but ok (varying results)
-Developing for a custom console from another player can cause errors, Developing from mod consoles is fine
-Co-Developing on Custom console will cause an error
-Co-Developing has been fixed except for the error above
Needs More Balancing
*There are a few debug codes in the script for now – removed

How to add your server to the server list

  1. Go to
  2. Place your IP Ex. “” WARNING: DO NOT SUBMIT A BLANK. No need for “,”
  3. Profit $$$

How to make a server
Use original GDTMP server files
-Link Here

Mod Files
Install in mods_ws
5.0.12 (untested with external)
-Link Here

There will be bugs.
Please reply bugs you find in this post.

GDT Multiplayer
Join my Server! [OFFLINE]
Need programmers for multiplayer mod!

So… you fixed GDTMP? I mean in that way that it allows u to do ‘something’


It works, nice job :slight_smile:

(I’ve set up a server so if anyone wants to join let me know)

EDIT: Never mind, made it visable on the server browser :stuck_out_tongue:


@Dumblelore I keep getting a “handler1” popup whenever I release a game, I’m guessing that it’s supposed to be the global game release message?


Btw, mods_ws is for workshop mods, you should probably install it into mods instead :slightly_smiling:


Seems Co-Developing games isn’t working…

My game just sits like this, doing nothing, it can be fixed by making a new game however


Strange, I’ve only encountered that error once. Does it happen always ?

Handler1 is a debug code that I placed. I will remove it once I’m done fully bugfixing the mod


Yeah, it happens every time with the looks of things, it’s happened on my server a few times. (Maybe it’s just a most of the time thing)


Another Issue:
My friend just released a game for my custom console and his game retired instantly.


Thank you, I never actually tried the custom console function in GDTMP, Does he have any error log or it just does it ?


It just did it, no error.
But now it’s working as it should with the looks of things.


@Dumblelore Got it!

Seems the first game a player releases for a custom platform will retire instantly, games after that will release fine.


@KrizzaGaming Those are Co-op Developed Games ?


No, the games for custom platforms


@KrizzaGaming i mean are the games that are developed on the custom platform Co-developed games


No they are not.


Ok, Placed it in my bugs list

@KizzaGaming I still dont have errors when Im co-developing games after 3 tries. But ill review the code anyway.


Fair enough, I’ll give it another shot though, see if it decides to work :stuck_out_tongue:


Try it on my server :smiley: hahaha


Will do, after I’ve tried it on my server xD