GDTMP-FX Reborn Again! (Multiplayer Mod)

So before everything…
I am not gonna format this for now as this is just a update.

I’ll put a server up in the morning… I just spent 5 hours up til 4 AM coding this…

-Temporary Server List Fix
-Trading Fixed
-Co-Developing Money semifixed (Richer guy some how gets less money but ok (varying results)
-Developing for a custom console from another player can cause errors, Developing from mod consoles is fine
-Co-Developing on Custom console will cause an error
-Co-Developing has been fixed except for the error above
Needs More Balancing

Change Logs From Dumbledore: Made an actual updating server list.

How to add your server to the server list
Edit settings.txt srvbrowser:False to srvbrowser:True

How to make a server
Use my GDTMP Server Files
-link Look for GUIServer.rar or ConsoleServer.rar

Mod Files
Install in mods
-Link Click Me

How long will backend server be up: Probably two years.

How can I create my own backend?
Download: Backend Download

Create MySql database named server with tables being ip and port, both being VarChar

Now for the hard part: Download Visual Studio… :slight_smile:
Download: Server Source Download

Go to Server.cs in Visual Studio
Ctrl-F for and change it all to your website url or ip address
Should be about 4 of them.

Modify Client Mod to be a part of your backend:
Download: Server Source Download
Ctrl-F for and change it all to your website url or ip address
Should be about 2 of them.

As always
There will be bugs.
Please reply bugs you find in this post.

Best Regards,


Cool! Sounds interesting! Thanks man!

The best mod for Game Dev Tycoon is coming back? Awesome! Please bring out more updates!

EDIT: I am not sure if I am allowed to do this, but for anyone who has this mod and some other mods, you can join my GDT Server. It’ll be up as much as possible, but will be down due to BSOD, other servers, or other reasons. You can use your own save file as “serversidesave” doesn’t seem to work as I am not sure how I am supposed to load a save file from the server.

Message to Author: If you’re gonna remove this post, I would recommend that you keep it as some people might want to play on a public server that has a decent uptime. My server will be temporary until your server launches so people can try out the mod but on a working server.

Recommended Mods to Install (You don’t need to have these but it is highly recommended to avoid issues)

  • 7G Topic Mod
  • 7G Research Mod
  • ConsolesTheEarlyYears
  • New DLC Mod
  • [WIP] MoreGDT (New 2017)
  • NEVEREnding Platform Boost(English Version)
  • CustomPC
  • CompetitorMod

…after you got these mods, or you don’t want them than direct connect to

I was working on a Linux port server but didn’t seem like alot of interest was there, so I shut down my server.

My backend however will remain online for along time.

The Multiplayer seems to work, Meaning the “Switch Server” doesn’t give an error. Mate, where are the players though?

@anon20832479 I have no clue… No idea how to advertise MP is back.

Is the First server in the list even working?

Also, It seems that Making a server doesn’t work. At least to me
Nevermind, I was able to connect myself to my local wifi.

If you are trying to connect to my server, ensure you don’t have Cheat Mod enabled. If it still kicks you out, tell me what message it tells you and maybe I can fix it.

*Ignore this comment, I just want this thread to be noticed by everyone for those who still seeks on the Multiplayer mod.

Okay, maybe do not ignore this comment, but it seems the servers are pretty lonely and empty on the server list. Anyone have a working Server with an IP? I am up for some GDTMP.

My server was shutdown (Was running a linux build before my host lost all my data), just decided to leave it offline as not enough people were using it, the backend is still live though.

Besides, Is it even possibly for the normal people to access the backend?

Hosting your own server = listed on backend(Server list)

Well before that, I have noticed one thing, possibly due to me not using GDTMP for a very long time.

When I launch the client, only by the .exe without any modification, and typed my own IP to it, It couldn’t reconize it. Giving that, “Couldn’t Connect the Server, Going Offline.” type of error.

You dont type your own IP you would do if you were hosting it yourself and trying to connect

Here is a .js file that was translated into Korean language.
translated Korean
Plz add lang to this mod, Thank you bro.

This isn’t working with 1.6. Are there any plans to update it?

Whats not working with it? Any specific errors?

I dont know if you check this anymore. Everytime we try to make a coop game, it doesnt do anything then when we close cancel the game it says cog error. thoughts?

@JetFox i have noticed the server does not need a backend in order to work , just the client side and the server side will run if someone want’s to use it on their own pc - Question i have is i have noticed the copyright inside it and want to make sure that if i were willing to attempt to fix some of the ingame bugs and issues with the MP mod and maybe look at trying to make it more server sided than not that it would be under Copyright.

Some things i have found is that ingame private message does not work , Server listing does not work , I also wanted to look at maybe putting people into the same world so they can see eachother in another office with options for office upgrade to be extended to a more resourceful end.

Overall idea is to make everything server sided with the intention of making a public MP mod folder they can download - put into mods and done.

I have multiple machines i can use to run server’s for this no problem. Just want to make sure as i have said that by doing this i would not break copyright.