No idea how I managed to miss this before but just stopping by to say that these screenshots look very impressive. Well done!


Just as patrick, i somehow never saw this before. Looks really sweet. Some questions for future:

  1. Can i do gameplay with this mod (when done)
  2. If yes, can i get money from ads, or you want part of that money? (or no money from ads at all)
  3. Need some help with getting recognition? I have a forum, so could give you free advertising there… and i have planed guest stream on vinesauce next year, so this could give you recognition too. (if you manage to complete this mod, which is questionable, cause it makes many changes and surely need lot of work)
  4. Any ideas for future? (After completing mod?)


when was this last updated? will it ever be released?


Good question, I have been ridiculously busy with the 2 other games I’m developing and this new social media site me and my buddies are working on…bills need paying and all that. So as soon as I have spare time I’ll give updates on what has been happening.


Thank you Patrick. I hope to get it done before HL3 comes out :smiley: . And thank you for making a fun business game in this day and age of AAA graphics and FPS bonanzas. If you ever thinking of making a RTS or TBS game (Civ, RA), maybe I can help out.


For when we download? i want to use ! :smile:


Before HL3 does,
That’s for sure…


Half Life 3 release date confirmed


I really love the UI. It looks very clean as well as simplistic but stylized. Hope you can keep working on it~


I can Be A tester???


Sorry for the necro, but it’s 2015 and still no mod…


Yeah…currently so swamped that I hardly have any fee time…


Yeah, your mod is cool so it should be worth the waiting.


Tengo una pregunta:
Donde puedo descargar este mod tiene muy buena pinta por eso me encantaria descargarlo pero no se ni de donde ni veo link ni nada si alguien me puede añudar se lo agradeceri


I have a question:
Where I can download this mod looks great so I’d love to download but do not even know where I see no link or anything if someone can tie me it agradeceri

This mod is not finished yet.
And, this is a english speaking forum


Look great oh my god look at this! :sunny: :smiley: :blush: :wink: PERFECTTTTT!!! Please please please please please please give me a link :smiley:


This mod is not finished yet…


This is just bootyful

pls dun banz meh


Still yet the GUI Concept looks neat! looking forward to this


ok thanks