***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [BETA 0.9.14 Release]***


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@Visual917 For the love of everyone’s sanity, stop being an ass :smile:


or being the part of a.s.s.d.i.c.k

######smosh reference


Been a month, any info?


Haven’t heard anything from the others in a while, but on my part, school and works has been keeping me busy with other stuff. I’ve made some progress, and I’m considering an alpha release of the UI part so that you guys can see what it’s like so far. Still need approval from Chizbe and Walcor though. :smile:


Been very busy, getting ready for our first game release in the coming months, its really hectic. Good news is that I may have someone join my team and work on the mod on a more dedicated basis. No promises tho.


No pressure guys, but there’s a lot of pressure for you to get this done. I wan’t it in and around my mouth.



Anyways, like EmoMonki said, school and other things have gotten in the way. I’ve been talking with EmoMonki and we are beginning work again.


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this mod was rest in pepperoni

any updates?


School just takes over. And with walcor busy working on his game (Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress) it has been difficult to progress together. It will get done, I promise. Just not today.


6 months already and still no updates?


it’ll come soon



What walcor said :grinning:


Yeaaaah! We’re back on track! Great news!
Can’t wait for it!


More good news (on my part at least)! This friday my grades are set so no more tests after that! I will be able to pick up the mod coding on fulltime again! :smiley:


I REALLY cant wait for this to come out!
It has a simple look but also so not simple, just so beutiful!


WTF did i say 20 hours ago?!?!?!?!?

Anyways, i REALLY cant wait for this :grinning:



Some teasers while you all are patiently waiting… :wink:

I think I may have lost my desk somewhere in the process… Good thing we have floating computers at the office!

The new modal design! (Buttons haven’t received their makeover yet, but modals are pretty much on point by now :slight_smile:)

Until next time :sunglasses: