GDT Event handler error

Is this caused by some mods that adds new events to the game? Is it possible that they meet at one point in the game that the game stops you from playing and showing you an error like value cannot be NaN?
I will show you the mods that i have:
UltimateLib, GDTTechStoryQuests, Competitor Mod, Platform Randomiser, Learn by Doing, Contractor Mod, ConsolesTheEarlyYears, Percentager - Feature Focus Percentages, DLC Mod, 7G Research Mod, Financial Services [1.0.2], Steam Cube (Steam Box), [FULL RELEASE] The Realistic Computers Mod [DISCORD], BattleRoyale, The Research & Platform Bundle, Custom Computer, Expansion Pack Mod, GDT Expansion Pack, Expansion Mod, 7G Topic Mod, Realistic Platforms Mod Remake, Rename Company Mod and ExtendedGDT Re-Branding Update (last update August 2018).
Which causes the GDT Event handler error? Please help me, i’m on holiday and i just want to put my mods and play. Thank you.