GDT Beta 1.6.7 - TypeError Array() { [native code] } has no method 'removeAt'

Error Alert
TypeError: Object function Array() { [native code] } has no method ‘removeAt’

No idea what caused this and how to make it happen again.
My “Cheesecake Ent.” tried to release a game for Gameling - a Virtual Pet Simulator made for a publishing contract.
A link to Local Storage:

And it happened again.
The error stops animations, but allows to use the game menu to save - so i made a save, and here’s another Local Storage:
Loading a save after the error appeared doesn’t unfreeze the game, so the game should be restarted to proceed further (the error doesn’t appear again for some time. Several years passed since the last Local Storage backup).

And again:
This time it wasn’t a gamedev process, this time the team was training.

Thanks for the saves! This was super helpful. Working on a fix now.

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Should be fixed in v1.6.8 Beta which just went live now.

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