GDT Beta 1.6.5 - TypeError: Cannot read property 'header' of undefined

Error Alert
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘header’ of undefined

Steps to get it:

  1. Make it to get bankrupt on Lvl 2 (past upgrading PCs).
  2. Lose the game.
  3. Restart level.
  4. Get a message that money will be deducted by the bank.
  5. Try to open the message.
  6. Here’s the error!

A link to files from Local Storage:

And some addition.
The error doesn’t stop the game, so money will be deducted after the error is closed, and a little bit after that a message appears that the company has gone bankrupt (as it should be).
Then i click on the button “OK” - and an another error appears saying:

Error Alert
attempting to override existing callback

This one finally stops the game making animations freeze.

Also, not sure if this moment is relative to these last two errors, but i can’t anymore rename games after their development is finished: a game releases with the name that was chosen first.

And looks like I’m a complete crab, because my version is very outdated. No TypeError on 1.6.7.

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