Games doesn't run anymore on my linux Chromebook


I recently switched computers because my old one broke down. So now I have linux with the crouton thing for chromebooks and blah blah blah, the game wont start no matter what i do. I’ve tried reinstalling it, validating my files, clearing my download cache (worked on another game which i put in the same fate, the same way, i dont know why it didn’t fix this game), rebooting my computer, exiting and rentering the chroot, even moving my download location, i’ve tried practically everything. There’s obviously something i’m missing that can work, or i just need like an update, or my copy of the game broke. I think it had something to do with “hey there’s an error with the steam cloud” and so i just pressed “play game” and then it closed the game and now i can’t do anything. I’ve been wanting to play this game for a few weeks at this point. can anyone help? what do i do?


What linux distro are you using? Do you get any kind of error?

Recently folks had issues on Arch 64 but there seem to be workarounds:


i have absolutely no idea, i’m not as much of a computer guy as i think i am. i use the crouton thing for chromebooks, so i’m not sure if that changes anything, but the commands for the arch 64 thing look different than what i use, i use stuff like “sudo startxfce4” and “sudo apt-get” and stuff like that, so i don’t think it is arch 64. I don’t get any kind of error, it just says “running” for about a second, and then it goes “syncing” and then stops. i’m sorry i’m not as much of a help i can be, so that’s about as much info as i can get


Do you experience similar issues with any of your other Steam games?


Not at the current moment, although it happened to another game in the exact same way. I was able to fix that, but following the exact same steps it didn’t work with game dev tycoon. So it’s really just game dev tycoon acting up… go figure. The error in case it helps was a steam cloud error, which caused it to stop running, even after selecting “play game”. I was able to fix the other game by reselecting the steam cloud feature, clearing download cache, reentering linux, and then it worked fine. i did these steps with game dev tycoon and it didn’t work. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I know now what a linux distro is. it would be ubuntu. hope this helps