GameBiz 2 vs GameBiz 3

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GameBiz2 is much better than 3, Nino totally overloaded 3 with features and stuff
Plus it features a few graphics I made :wink:

I didint played the GameBiz 2, but I know that GB 3 have better Hardware making, the part I like in GB3.

And what graphic did you make :open_mouth: ?
Well… GB have poor code and graphic…

Heh yeah this was years ago. I can’t even remember now, a few of the backgrounds.

I really hope there will be GB4 with good Interface, and better code.

I have to say I’m not a fan of Text Based games like GameBiz, I can get along with most of them but GameBiz just has (sorry Sir) poor graphics and a horrible interface, at least… that’s my opinion. :wink:

GameBiz isnt Text-Based… Maybe the first one was…

It mostly is. There are hardly any graphics and if there are it’s bad… you mostly play around with text and you don’t have anything different to do (from my experience) :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I think its the GB2. Im playing GB3, so Idk.

Well I personally don’t know which one it is… :stuck_out_tongue: (although they’re all pretty much the same ;))

What about CarBiz… it is

bad. Its on level like GB2, but its not fun.

I play GB2 and that game is text-based. I don’t like that graphic type of game. It’s really annoying.

Can anyone give me a breakdown on the differences ? I’ve played GB 3, so how different is GB 2 from GB 3 ? And yeah, as @SirEverard said, GB 3 is overloaded with stuff and is definitely overwhelming at first.

GB2 Has bad graphic, but gameplay is similar to GB3 and… thats really everything I know.

GameBiz 2 is freeware, GameBiz 3 costs you money… while I think GameBiz 2 is 10 times better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why It s 10 times better?

It’s better balanced, looks better, has better features etc.

LOOKS BETTER? Are You Serious?

Yes, it does. GameBiz 3 is a chaos with textures everywhere. GameBiz 2 is not as crazy overloaded with textures as GameBiz 3. I prefer the style of GameBiz 2 over GameBiz 3. Those are my opinions though. :wink:

The worst is CarBiz…
I like GB3 more, the graphic from GB2 is… bad.

And what are these “more features”?

I didn’t say more features but better features. The features in GameBiz 3 are overloaded and sometimes very stupid. All the features in GameBiz 2 are very good thought out and well balanced. Although you can’t really call the graphics better, because there are hardly any. I said I preferred the style and didn’t say anything about graphics in GameBiz 3. It’s mostly the style what counts over the textures.