Game series dissapeared

I have been playing the android version and I made a MMO sequel to one of my RPG franchises and when I took the game off the market later on the whole series of games dissapeared from the catalog of past games.

The whole missing games just reappeared ror some reason. I just finished my playthrough on android was looking for one last sequel to make and suddenly the games were there. I know ror certain they had just vanished. Maybe it is a save game bug on android?

By disappearing you mean it was not shown in the history of games? Was there a “load more” button shown at the end of the view?

Yeah none of them were shown in the history of the games, I was looking to make another sequel. There was a back button and I looked through all the games numerous times before making the post. Then later on when I loaded the game hours later, they were suddenly back in the catalog.

The same happenned to me but i am on ios

Just to clarify, there was no “load more” button at the far right of the view (when scrolling to the right)?

Not with me

There was a load more button for me. The rest of the catalog was there. I could scroll back to the beginning

How many games have you made yet?

Hard to say exactly I started a new game, but by by the time I got MMO unlocked it was year 30 I had probably made around 50 games perhaps maybe a bit more. Just a guess

In the game series 4 but all games i had the same that he guesses