Game Dev Tycoon slider bugs and mouse bug

I know it’s probably pointless to point out bugs on a 5 year old game, and it was probably pointed out many times before, but hey I don’t care.

I play the Steam version on win7 64bit in windowed mode.

There’s a bug with how sliders look:

a) When looking for new staff that specializes in one stat (one stat is almost maximum while the other is close to zero), it looks like that:

b) When developing a game, at the very bottom the blue bar is always longer than it actually is, while the red and green bars are always shorter than they actually are. A good example is setting all 3 sliders to the maximum. You’ll notice at the bottom that red and green bars are the same lenght, but both are shorter than the blue bar. All 3 should appear the same length, since you’re spending the same time developing all 3 of them. This is especially confusing when you’re trying not to let an important color be less than 20% of the total time, since it negatively impacts review scores. You can’t really trust the length of the sliders since they’re incorrect.

There’s a bug with mouse. Very often if a development menu is opened, clicking on some of the clickable buttons will register as clicking on the background, which will pop out the menu list in the background (make new game/make sequel/etc.).

Is the assets or are mods breaking the game?