Game Dev Tycoon heats easily

I’ve been playing Game Dev Tycoon on my phone but it’s annoying that playing it causes so much heat and the battery would go down extremely fast. Is this a normal thing?

It doesn’t for me, with a ton of games my phone gets to like 2000000 degrees celcius, but with GDT my phone stays cool

Devices getting a bit warm is a normal thing, as playing a game does need some processing power, but it shouldn’t get too hot, maybe there was something going on (e.g. errors/exceptions thrown in the background) - could you tell us what device you have and if you noticed a change at a certain point in the game?

Redmi Note 3 on Android Oreo and the heat continued to increase until it reaches 45

Are you experiencing any errors in the game itself, i.e. something not displaying info as expected in the UI or anything like that? Just trying to find out if there may be errors thrown in the background (which could cause the CPU to sweat a lot).

Does it happen all the time, even if you close/terminate the app, and restart it again?

There doesn’t seem to be any errors showed in the game and it only happens when playing the game

Could you tell me the exact Android version you are using?

Android 8.1

Could you please email to so we can try to figure out what’s wrong? Thanks!