French translation


Hi, I’m currently working on the French translation, and I have a message saying (on all the project) :

This translation is currently locked for updates!

It happened quite suddenly, is there some kind of maintenance, or did I do something wrong ?


Update : now, we have a :

504 Gateway Time-out


[Edit] : It’s back \o/


we are checking into the server issues atm.


Is everything up and running again?


Yes, thank you very much, there are some new things in the translation interface, but everything seems OK now.
I’m getting back to my translations at once :slight_smile:

[Edit] Has there been some kind of rollback or something ? when I choose “untranslated strings”, I get some strings I recall perfectly having translated a few days ago …


The translating site crash and greenheart games accidentally pressed the rollback button.


@Fruit_Platter statement is as usual incorrect and not affiliated with Greenheart Games.

We had some temporary server issues which are now fixed. There may have been some unfortunate loss of data which we apologise for.


I can corroborate, just a few strings were affected, it was not that much work to translate them again ^^


Hi, I have a problem with the string 355 in the French translation : It seems my translation can’t be saved :

Original string : Magazines & Demos
Mine : Magazines & Démos

Yeah major difference, everything is in the accent ^^.

I’ve saved this maybe 5 times, and everytime I click “Untranslated strings” in the French translation section, I get this one.

Is there some kind of bug ?


I can reproduce this issue.

@Kewubenduben could you investigate if there’s something in the logs? might just be a bug in weblate…


I’m confused of what happened. I did reproduced the issue, then retried and it worked without providing any info that could be traceable.

Anyhow, just notify me if anything like this occurred again.

Thanks :green_heart:


Thank you very much @Kewubenduben, seems everything is back to normal.


Hi @PatrickKlug sorry to disturb, while translating, I just came accross a string with two consecutive newlines : string 808

I was wondering if it was on purpose, or if one should be removed.


Hi @Kewubenduben, I think we have another problem on the French translation :
Strings 355 , 713, 900 and 920 seem to revert back to “untranslated” state (same kind of bug as the last time). Could you please do your magic trick again to correct that ? :slight_smile: It would be much appreciated ^^


hi @Kurremkarmerruk, could it be that it’s status is…

This translation is locked by Pascal DESMETTRE!

Please clarify. And I think I didn’t really do any magic tricks on that. haha!


Now I really have no idea how I could have done that, I don’t remember going in the “Lock” tab recently … Anyway, I just removed the lock, but the “untranslated” state persists on the strings I listed in my previous post. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong - if I really do something wrong that is :slight_smile:


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