Finally! Game Dev Tycoon is coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android, along with a content update for all platforms ๐Ÿ’š

discussion for our announcement:


Iโ€™ve been sent an email about this. Really awesome that the game is being revived for PC. One question though.

I suppose weโ€™ll be getting these changes and additions integrated into the mod-API?

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Thank you! I adore your game, and it was purchased with great enthusiasm.

Oh my god, this is amazing. I did not expect to see news about GDT when i saw a new mail in my special folder reserved for important stuff like Bank, Paypal and the like. But it was!

Canโ€™t wait to hop on the game again, it still has a very special place in my heart. Keep making amazing things!

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Interesting. What does this mean for currently existing mods like Camelot? Will those still be compatible?

Will definitely buy it once itโ€™s out on Android. Nice!

Well if the game is simple, then so should the mods do

It depends on the coding. But i dont think a simple copy and paste would do the trick, it requires the hole code to be rewritten for mobile exclusive.

However it is possible, if someone takes the time to do so.

After many many months I have returned!!!

Thank you guys so freakin much for finally doing this!! And including recording/streaming?!?! That is above and beyond the call!

Perhaps some of the OG gang will pop up again! If theyโ€™re not already here.

I want to say that this game was the first game dev sim tycoon type hame Iโ€™ve played and Iโ€™m greatful for how you guys allowed mod support and continue to listen to your community.

Good luck with the Tavern game and cheers!

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Yes, we will adjust the modding API as appropriate (for example allowing mods to add topic icons) and will ensure that older mods will continue to work as much as possible.


Just make sure your not overhyped by just one project. I have seen many overhyped projects that went totally flopped.

The 9/10 by All Games in the trailer was beautiful. Looking forward to the content update! :smiley:

I have a question: will you have to purchase the mobile version separately from the Steam one, or is there at least some kind of discount planed for people who have bought it before?


I know. But this is adding new consoles and such.

I was really into the game when the mods bursted out.

I donโ€™t expect it to really transform the game but it will give me reason to play it again.

I dont think they have the records of all purchesers from GHโ€™s website & Steam. So unless they DO planned for a discount on Black Friday, then possibly. Otherwise, no.

These are just my speculation, just dont get salty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance we can get the mobile UI as a option for Windows, For play on touchscreens/windows tablets?


So now we can dip our game cartridges in grapefruit juice and become a game-dev ninja in the battle against the pirates โ€“ both of those while streaming.

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A mod could possibly do that.

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I have been waiting to use this (link is dead, unfortunately)

For those wondering what it was, itโ€™s a link to an April fools joke by GHG.

No, I donโ€™t think thatโ€™s possible. The iOS and Android versions will only be available through purchase on the respective stores.


letโ€™s not bring back the dead :wink:

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I canโ€™t wait, I loved Game dev tycoon one of my favorite games and now it is coming to my iPhone :scream:

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This is great to hear! Both that youโ€™re updating GDT, and that youโ€™re aiming to keep mods compatible.

Do you have a timeline for when youโ€™ll have the mod API changes finalized?

Iโ€™d like to make sure the players who really enjoy my mods get to enjoy them just as easily and smoothly after the update.

I was also curious, will existing save games be compatible across same-system versions?