Finally! Game Dev Tycoon is coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android, along with a content update for all platforms πŸ’š


Couldn’t you guys include a function on the steam version to link to the website where you could download an Android APK of the mobile game? Or gain access to a single one time use code for redemption on the Mobile platform of the Steam versions owner. If not I’d gladly buy it again when I get the chance to get the money to do it. I have seen a few other games do this, but because of how small GHG is it might not be feasible.Thanks for developing such a great game though. I hope to see more of your work in the future!


I just bought it right away! Thanks for the hard work :slight_smile:


Can the mobile version be modded? how would that work? I’ve never modded a mobile game.


Is it not available in America? Or is it only for iPads right now. Nothing is coming up on the AppStore and your links send me to no where really


What happens when you click on this link on the device?

Does it not open the App Store for you?


Well I am using chrome on my iPhone I will try using safari and see if it pops anything up on my AppStore.

Thanks for quick reply


Ah ha thanks it worked and showed up I’m extremely excited haha thanks.


This is the best game I’ve bought so far, I can not wait until it gets onto Android

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


So like how are we going be able to browse for mods and add them on ios? will it be a seperate app?


Modding for mobile :thinking:


That would be so hard to implement, and think about distributing mods, thats gon be so hard then.


I am loving this android port, I have a game like this on the android store, but I am so happy that there is a port for this game now!