Film Director Tycoon


So i’I’ve played tons of Game Dev Tycoon, and I LOVE it. A good subject that would fit the Formula would be Films. You start off as an indie film maker and make films like you make games in Game Dev Tycoon. Eventually you can go to a bigger studio and hire your own positions, like Script Person (I don’t know what the real position is called), Cameraman, Editor, and Producer.

A new feature Greenheart Games could add to the Tycoon formula is actors. You get to choose which actors you want in your films. Prominent actors could be used from the era (Like say for 80’s you could use Judd Nelson). The Actors will cost money and the more you use them the less they cost. There could also be “loyalty” bonuses as well. If copyrights actually exist for actor’s names than you could just parody them like Nudd Jelson or something like that.

Another feature could be The Oscars. It would be sort of like G3 in Game Dev Tycoon but much more prominent. If you actually won or got nominated for an Oscar it would help your earnings as a director.

Some new Genres could be Action, Romance, Comedy, Dramatic, Epic, Musical or anything else that i’m missing (maybe Story-Driven). Some Topics could be Fantasy, War, Music, Crime, or anything else you guys think of.

You would also have like a budget so you couldn’t just make Lord of the Rings scale movies right off the bat.

Some of The Sliders could be like Story, Music, and Special Effects.

So yeah that’s my idea let me know any opinions/changes in the comments and I hope you guys like the idea


…What Formula was it again? I dont get it.

The idea’s pretty good for a standalone game.


When you make Games in Game Dev Tycoon like Genre/Topic then you have the 3 stages with the 3 sliders etc. Basically you would be making films like you make games in Game Dev Tycoon with the Addition of actors


I had same idea! I also have idea like Music Dev Tycoon (lol).

Something like that, but with music.


Music would be pretty awesome too


You don’t say… :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont, I wroted, or typed that.






This actually seems like a great idea!


You forgot Horror. And idea is very cool. I would actually call it Movie Tycoon. Create your own blockbusters, etc.


The usually refered to as Writers :smile:

I like the fact that people show interest and being creative, but i would love to see more idea’s that are not Game Dev Tycoon clones with another topic.


That is Genius!
(Not just because I thought of it too…)


This would be a cool game, also an idea: You could buy licenses for books? Like how Harry Potter has become one of the top selling british films?


Cinejeu is like this… in french.


I would LOVE it


Perhaps this being a niche genre with limited audience, we haven’t seen that many movie tycoon games. Make no mistake, I’m one hell of a tycoon fan, especially involving game(duh), movie or music. With that being said, I’d recommend these similar games.

Great - The Movies (Lionhead Studios)
Good - Hollywood Mogul 3 (Now Hollywood Movie Studios)
Meh - Showtime (Myrtilus Entertainment)
I have nothing else, please help God - Hollywood Tycoon


U should die.


A little more constructive reply as to why would have helped backup your statement. I’m just saying.


I Just like Showtime. It’s more realistic than The Movies.