Film Director Tycoon


Ah okay. But imo, Showtime is a bit stale and shallow in comparison to both The Movies and HM3, as I’ve embarrassingly spent way too much time on both games.


I’m playing Hollywood Mogul 3 now. Far too complex for me. It takes ages to actually find out what to do in these seas of text. Everything seems a bit empty and theres not really an atmosphere to it. It’s basically just text and not very much else. And why the hell would you want to find a love? I like Showtime! better. More minimalistic and definitely more realistic than Hollywood Mogul 3. That’s my opinion.


Just see the Hollywood Mogul 4,



$120,000? Where would you need $120,000 for in a game like Hollywood Mogul 3? I mean, it’s basically just text. Big scam.


Oh yeah, it has a learning curve, sort of like Game Biz, but once you understand them, it is pretty fun. I guess showtime looked too simple and straightforward for me to sink in.

But I agree, $120 000 is wayyy over the limit for an updated interface with more text options. He could probably finish it for a much much lesser amount,


In my opinion Hollywood Mogul 3 is as staightforward. You basically get movie ideas and packets every month, accept them, auto cast, wait for pre-production to post-production, pick release date; done!


Do you mean a game like, The Movies?


Yes, we meant this game.
(I hope)


Yes, we meant that game. Unfortunately it’s a very underestimated game and it’s not very popular so there’s ot a big modding community, if there even is one.


I will be starting a forum soon where we the players can come up with a game together, we will collectively give our ideas and then vote. Everyone will have a chance to get their suggestion heard and hopefully we can come to an happy medium.

A big issue that I tend to notice is that the alpha/beta updates can become scarce and inconsistent. I


LionsGate actually made a game like this. It’s called The Movies, but it’s 10 years old


It’s way more than just making movies…
And it’s still awesome, only the graphix got… older


A writer…


Good Idea! :smiley:


@Charlie here’s a cool idea


I thought the same thing


what a great necro sir.
i bow down to you


There’s a “Film Director Tycoon”, named Biznes Filmowy 2, but still in version 0.9.3 Beta has no graphics, background music I believe it should have (is that I disabled the sounds of the game), but the rest is just text.
if you want to download and test: Biznes Filmowy Site


This is a great idea, and despite several previous attempt at moviemaking tycoon such as The Movies, Hollywood Mogul, Biznes Filmowy 2 or others this kind of concept never been explored before. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS LOL!


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