ERROR: cannot read property 'company' of null

Today I bought the Game dev tycoon and when I first started it I got the error: can not read property ‘company’ of null
Don’ let me start the game :frowning:

  • I have already reinstalled the game and deleted all files 3 times, I also disabled the steam cloud

Any solution?

  • Enabled Mods:
    No mods activated.

  • Game Version: 1.5.28

  • Platform: Windows

  • Distribution: Steam

PD: Sorry for my English, i’m from Spain

Hi @pmmo16!

Are you still having trouble with this?
Try hitting the ‘ESC’ key to navigate back to the main menu and from there you can load an earlier auto save or start a new game. The current save file you’re using might have become corrupted


Hello all , I am new here , My name is Lena , )) nice to meet you all here