Easy way to make mods?

Since UME is dead in the water is there another way to make mods?, like simple ones,
more consoles, topics, research and all of that

Hi i am also looking for an easy way to make the mods.

@BritishGamer @avensis

Honestly can’t remember exactly what this allows you to make and I have no clue if it still works perfectly but check this mod maker out:

Click the old website link to get a version that’s actually uploaded. I was reworking the entire program but in the process my project got corrupted and somehow I forgot to update it on github and lost a lot of work and abandoned the project.

But it’s a very simple mod maker, doesnt require any extra libraries for your mods to work at all.

i found a link to the UltimateModEditor Ultimate Mod Editor (UME) Setup File

thanks for the awesome information.