[DISCONTINUED][Rel] Futuristical Tech Mod (V: 0.1.2) {227 Downloads}


Hey guysm FTM will be put on hold for a little while, as I am working on several mods for minecraft. :wink: I’m sorry, but the next release will possibly be at the end of summer… :frowning: So I hope you guys can forgive me, but I plan to come back with a massive update!

***P.S. No I will not give anyone access to the .ume file… ***

Hey guys, I’m going to rewrite FTM using UME!

So enjoy…

Hey guys I took a shot a good mod idea. I like some of the feedback.

I am making this as a full out mod thread. Meaning, I will have the complete list here, download here, and updates here.



Version 0.1.2
Version 0.1.1


@kristof1104: For allowing me to use his compatibility checker!
@DzjengisKhan: For allowing me to make a basic addon to his Expansion Pack. Thanks.
@alphabit: For helping me with my first few errors and guiding me without realizing it!
@Charlie: For adding my mod to the Official List (Thanks)
@EveryoneElse: For being an amazing community.

Current Features (0.1.2):


Merizon Mobile Phones: (Android[Void])

DevoidUltimate - Final Platform! (Stays until later events!)

Vint Phones: (iOS[Vos])

LevosSov - Final platform (Leaves Market)


Touch Screen Support

R&D Lab:
4D Engine (Requires 3D V7)
5D Engine (Requires 4D)
6D Engine (Requires 5D)

Current Bugs

DevoidUltimate is removed from market… Hmm…

Upcoming Features

Version (0.1.3)


Fix any bugs that appear.
Make a full events list!

Version (0.1.4)

Add A Bunch of Events! :smile:
Fix any bugs…

Version (0.2.x)

User Ideas!


Then, All current consoles will be pushed to the max of the current era’s technology. Please post ideas, feedback, etc. All is welcome. :smiley:


[Tech Levels]

4D = 6+
5D = 10+
6D = 14

If you need beta testers… :wink:

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Full Ideas List

User Ideas

None… :frowning: Very sad and empty list… C’mon guys please suggest. :smiley:

My Ideas

New Office: Bigger and Better with more employees and a new lab.

New Topics

New Platforms:
Merizon Vobile: Phones (Android [aka: Void])
Vint: Phones (IOS [aka: VOS])

(Hint: [Merizon = Verizon][Vint = Sprint] - Figured I’d post this.)

Bigger Contracts - Bigger the better?

Reputation? – A new value that could make you or break you. The reputation will go based upon your game scores. If you have a good rep [Hype will be at a greater chance, workers will be faster] bad rep [workers won’t concentrate]

More Events:
(Technological Breakthrough) Smellivision: Scientist have now discovered that you can smell what you see through a tv! How appetizing is this? We don’t know, just don’t complain when you’re eating your tv!
(Technological Breakthrough) Pull That Out: Due to Scientist and Credit Card Companies working together, you can now pull that great smelling food out of your tv! All you need is your credit card with you!
(Technological Breakthrough) Data Uplink: You can research and create your own global server! Players not only play the game, They Live It (example: Megaman!)
[more coming soon]

More Research:
Smellivision compatibility: (Make games that you can smell) HardwareData Uplink Server: (Make your own Global Server) [R&D]
Data Uplink Compat: (Make your own games/console compatible with your server) Hardware4D Engine: (Graphics, Make things have properties of your senses.) [1-7] [Hardware]
5D Engine: (Graphics, Make things look as if they are rendering in the entire room space you’re in) [1-4] [Hardware]
6D Engine: (Graphics, As if you aren’t living it enough!? An engine powerful enough to take you to an online realm) [1-3] [Hardware]
[more to come]


8 Bit Graphics
16 Bit Graphics
18 Bit Graphics
24 Bit Graphics
30 Bit Graphics
32 Bit Graphics
36 Bit Graphics
48 Bit Graphics
64 Bit Graphics [Requires: 4D Engine/32 GB Storage Support]
128 Bit Graphics [Requires: 5D Engine/64 GB Storage Support]
RGB Color Support
RGB^2 Color Support (Makes the colors look sorta holographic) [Requires: 64 Bit Graphics/5D Engine]

[Maybe 0.1.4 Update]

4K support
2K support (for smartphones coming 2014)
1080p support
720p support
460p support
360p support
240p support
144p support
Multi-display support

[End Maybe]


4D Engine
5D Engine
6D Engine
Data Uplink Support
Holographical Gameplay
Touch-Screen Support
Stylus Support

(Storage Support)

2 GB Storage Support
4 GB Storage Support
8 GB Storage Support
16 GB Storage Support
32 GB Storage Support
64 GB Storage Support
128 GB Storage Support
256 GB Storage Support
512 GB Storage Support
1 TB Storage Support
2 TB Storage Support
4 TB Storage Support
8 TB Storage Support
16 TB Storage Support
32 TB Storage Support
64 TB Storage Support
128 TB Storage Support
256 TB Storage Support
512 TB Storage Support

(Network Speeds)
10 MB/s [Requires Basic Network Cable]
25 MB/s
50 MB/s
100 MB/s
200 MB/s
400 MB/s
800 MB/s [Requires Basic Network Adapter/32 GB Storage Support]
1.56 GB/s
3.13 GB/s
6.26 GB/s
12.52 GB/s [Requires 4D Engine/Overhauled Network Adapter/2 TB Storage Support]
25.04 GB/s
50.08 GB/s
100.16 GB/s
200.32 GB/s
400.64 GB/s
801.28 GB/s
1.57 TB/s [Requires 5D Engine/Massive Network Adapter/128 TB Storage Support]
3.14 TB/s
6.28 TB/s
12.56 TB/s [Requires 6D Engine/Human Network Transfer Machine/512 TB Storage Support]

Basic Network Cable (Supports upto 400 MB/s)
Basic Network Adapter (Supports upto 6.26 GB/s)
Overhauled Network Adapter (Supports upto 801.28 GB/s)
Massive Network Adapter (Supports upto 6.28 TB/s)
Human Network Transfer Machine (Supports only 12.56 TB/s) [Requires 6D Engine/Massive Network Adapter]









World Design

Real Feel (This feels so… Real… :D) [Requires 5D Engine/Overhauled Network Adapter/64 TB Storage Support]

Level Design


Hi !

I see that you are working on a very great ideas here !! I particularly like the idea of new hardware in 4D, 5D and 6D.

On my side, I’m working on a list of ideas and I won’t be able to code some of them.
Among them, there is one which I really don’t even know where I can start searching. My mod idea require fully redesigned offices. Do you know how can I do that ? I know that I will have to use photoshop or something like that… But how can I replace the old offices design without changing the game source code ?

If any of you even know how where I can start my research… I will be glad to offer you a piece of cake !!

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Hmm. I don’t but @alphabit, @DzjengisKhan , @patrickklug might… Sorry for not being help.

No problem !
I send you a private message.

See you !

I plan on having 0.1.2 release within the next 23 minutes. :smiley: Anyone have anything they want added?

Version 0.1.2 Is out! Enjoy all platforms… Please report any bugs found… :wink:

Next update

Major Research Adding!
(List to come later)
Bug Fixing!
Changelog on OP… xD



Next update will cover the full research list!!!

Grab your idea and post it now!!

The first 10 people will have 1 idea each implemented in the next update! :smile:

The Race Is On!


Samsystem good console when you want it


Is mod working with camelot and expansion pack?

Should be yes…

Ok, will test it when fix for Camelot come out.Did u try to make this reputation system from idea list?And are we get any updates soon?

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Update this weekend… :wink:

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Idea: Make your own texture pack :smiley:

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How so?? :wink:

I dont know :frowning:

Por favor revivan el mod el juego.

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