Danish translation


Anyone up for a danish translation? Or in danish… Er nogle friske på at lave en dansk oversættelse?

Danish language?

det er en rigtig god ide


men jeg kan ikke god ide


Sure, selvom jeg egentlig er imod at sådanne spil bliver oversat D:

Men stadig en god ide for dem som vil have en dansk version, så jeg er frisk :smiley:


I can help translate into a danish language if needed.



Det ville ville være en god tilføjelse!/ It would be a nice addition.

Added English of my reply


Please keep talking english else I have to close this thread


Hey there,
As a Dane i’m ready to help anywhere i can :smile:

Best Regards,
Joachim Skovgaard


I would like to help with a danish translation too :slight_smile:


Lets make it happen…?


You just answered an hour ago…this thread is a bit old. Lets do it. Danish translation.


I am also in for the translation :slight_smile:


Sure, however it should be done properly.


Jeg er klar :smiley:
Det kunne være en udfordring jeg gerne ville være med til :slight_smile:


I can see no one started on it yet - How come?
And also, please keep Daniel’s post in mind. He’ll just close the thread if we keep talking gibberish to him :wink:

On a more serious note, I’ve been contemplating about making a translation for a while. Not for my own sake but more so for others. I just never realized there was such a “large” fanbase for it until now.

I will give it an overlook, and debate with myself whether or not I’m up for the task.
Can’t imagine it would be too hard though.


I already started on my own computer, but I can’t really start the project on the site because someone from Green Heart Games needs to do that.


As far as I have gathered from the other posts on the forum, it appears that a language requires two, experienced moderators in order to commence translation. This seems completely sensible, considering that the game is supposed to be a professional product, regardless of what language you’re playing it in. However, the requirement of having past experiences with translation seems harsh, given the fact that those criteria imply that you would have helped translate the game into another language. Trilingualism is quite rare to a degree where people can write fluently in all three languages. I think that there should be another way for a someone to gain the trust required to oversee a translation process. These are just my two cents, however. I hope that a danish translation project will be set in motion some day, and that I, and all the other eager forum members here, will be able to contribute.


I work in the danish gaming industry (not game industry, but slot machines and casual arcade games).
I did a large part of the english/danish translations, when my employer imported the Mega Touch casual arcade machine from PrimeTime Amusements, to the danish market.
This was like 10 years ago, and the Mega Touch never sold very well and was eventually pulled back, so you probably haven’t heard of it.


Never the less, I did approximately 80% of the translations of the games in the Mega Touch XL, and did corrections on the remaining 20%.
This Included quiz games, card games, board games, and a whole lot of other different casual games.

I’d love to chip in if Greenheart Games decides to go with a danish translation.


I think this is a very good idea, and I’d certainly be glad to help out translating! :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?
Can you suggest at least 2 moderators with previous experience?