Danish translation


Nice idea guys :smiley:

I´m currently new on Denmark so I´m learning Danish but I speak Fluent English and Portuguese :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything just add me on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/migz_pt/

Regard´s xD


I would be happy to help out with the translation! I have translated some of Civilization V, for my own personal use. Else, I haven’t translated any other games before. :slight_smile:


Hello, i would just say, that if anyone makes a danish translation project, then i am in. I was born in Denmark, and i have been working with danish grammar all my life. (im still in school) And i would really like to see a danish translation. Eller på dansk: Hej, jeg vil bare gerne sige, at hvis nogen laver en dansk oversættelse af spillet, så vil jeg rigtig gerne være med. Jeg er født i Danmark, og i alle mine skoleår har vi arbejdet med grammatik. (Selvom jeg stadig er i skole) Og jeg vil rigtig gerne se en dansk oversættelse. tt


Anyone started working on a danish translation yet? If not, I think I’ll get started just before or right after new years…
Send me a message if you wanna join in.


Hey, We need at least 2 moderators to come forward who have some previous translation experience. :smile:


No problem. I will see if I can find one more :wink: In regards to previous translation experience, I have translated a handful of documentation material (professionally), so it should not be a problem. I cannot reference these documents as they are confidential (corporate owned documents), but you will just have to trust me on that one. :smile:


Anyone up for this?

Or in danish: Skal vi ikke bare se at komme igang?


Hej, det ville da være mig en glæde at hjælpe dig. Som Engelsk - Dansk oversætter fra PPH, er jeg ret så meget oplagt.
Hilsen Sebastian.


Hey guys, Just checking in again. Do we have 2 moderators interested in a Danish translation at this time?


I am interested :slight_smile:


I am willing to help out. I am also currently a translator and community manager (danish community manager) of a browser game called FISHAO.

Thank you :smile:


Why do we need a Danish translation? (I am Danish). Everyone who might play this knows English (basically, all Danes).


well, you can say that about all the languages…


Hey @Pyrros. Many thanks for offering to help, do you have any previous translation experience?
@JackBank. Thanks, lets keep an eye on the thread and see if we get enough interest :smile:


Hi Charlie,
Yes, i got some experience with translating from danish to english, and vice versa. Right now i am translating a book. :wink:

  • Sebastian


Thats great guys! Please register at http://translate.greenheartgames.com/ and then post your usernames here so we can promote you to moderators :smile:


My username is JackBank :thumbsup:


Updated :smile:


Great! :slight_smile:

@Pyrros, do you got skype? If so it would be nice to be able to add you, so we can talk about translations :slight_smile:


Yes i do. Seb10039 :slight_smile: