Czech translation


Hey guys,
I find in this translation major BUG, when I want relase game #45 in year 33 month 5 week 2, thir office + RR lab + HW lab. My develop game freeze and stuff work but no points earn, stoped in pre 1st step. Hope you read this and repair it.
Bye Al.


Hey Guys,

There was an update today to fix an issue with some strings remaining untranslated despite being translated.

Please try out the latest version and report any issues such as strings remaining untranslated after translation or strings which don’t fit in the layout.


Hey Charlie, I finally made it and returned to this translation. I just done last new strings and it is ready for next beta. There are still some text issues, but I will repair them while in beta. Game is in our own language something even more great :slight_smile:


Ok, here are some string bugs I found for the moment:
At publisher window: “Game Size:” (str 972) is showing medium, large, etc text insted of czech text (I was not even able to find string text like this one with small m(edium) or l(arge).
Another bug is Topic of News. It just shows “News” instead of “Novinky” (string 128).

Will find more others

EDIT: More missing string is one when crew finish their training via some event (for example where all of them code something for some challange or what). When they are done, it will write “done” as floating window. And this string is not in translation web.


Ok, will pass that info on to Daniel. Many thanks!

I also need a list of anyone who wants to be involved in the credits, as they would like to appear, real name or username and which category people fit into from Moderators, Top contributors and quality assurance.
Khalashnikovf - Moderators


Thanks for update. I finished new strings.

For the start of all I will humbly name my self as a Lead translator also trying to make quality assurance. Name: Michal Kalaš, Nick: Khalashnikovf.

As a Main Contributor: Name: Ladislav Maksoud, Nick: Aladalar

Rest of guys were helpful in a way, but most of the time they were either translating wrong or even czech wrong…


Thanks added - Main Contributor - Ladislav Maksoud “Aladalar”


Hi, I found a little string problem with number 380.
I need to add there SPACE at the end of line, but I cant so I added there provisionally underline mark _ to be clear. Translate web dont allow me to add space there so if you could help me somehow. Thanks alot.


Hey and thanks for the update! I have passed this information to @DanielKlug


Hi Charlie. I just wanted to ask. Is there a reason why Im out of the Credits? Well, since I have done like 85% of work… you know. Just asking :slight_smile:


Hey, Sorry about that. Will check what is occurring.