Cant Get to the 3rd office!

When ever im about to reach tthe third office with mods installed it shows an error and the game freezes!
The only mod that works with it is @kristof1104 cheat mod! Any help?

Avectus, it’s either because the mod version may be broken, or the game scripts that try to load the 3rd office (level3), may be failed to load. If they didn’t load, try redownload the game.

Well it might be with the mods them selves but all the mods are broken your saying ecept the cheat mod including the expansion pack mod by DJ! Also i use the camelot expansion pack along with the RPT expansion

I don’t know. I doesn’t happen that much. Try seeing there new updates for mods and GDT. If it’s not, I was meant with UlimateLib.