Can someone help?


My game is not running - what do I need to do?


Is there any mods you currently using? and is this the first time you run the game? i might be able to help you.


I have run the game before



Delete the mods and then try. If it still doesn’t work, then reinstall the game.


but I want my mods :frowning:


Put them in a folder on the desktop or something. I just want to know if this is related to mods or not. If you remove the mods, reinstall the game, and it still doesn’t load, then we know that the problem is most likely not caused by a mod.


k ill try


nope wont work


Reinstall the game.


but what about my $10


What are you talking about? If you reinstall the game, you don’t lose any money.


how do I? lol


Do you have the steam version?




Where did you buy the game? Send me a link.

If you didn’t buy the game on Steam, then you should’ve gotten an email from with a download link.

#17 will this help


I don’t have my old link


You should have an email from with the download. Additionally, there should be a Steam key somewhere in that email. I would recommend installing the game through Steam: it’s so much easier.


Try to cut savegames to your desktop. Im not sure if GDT do that but some games makes some problems becasuse of the savegames.
(the savegame location is C:\Users\ YOUR USER NAME \AppData\Local\Game Dev Tycoon)