Can someone help?




Not working


If you still got your installation then first uninstall all of GDT Related Like the C:/User/YOUR USER/AppData/Local/Game Dev Tycoon and the game itself. C:/Program Files (x86) or Program Files/Game Dev Tycoon. If that dosnt work, then i don’t know, Im sure there is WAY Better Solution Than Mines, My Solution Is to Pirate the game. (NOT RECOMMANDED UNLESS YOU WANT TO PUT YOURSELF IN RISK OF PIRATING)


isnt there some support thing for this? or cant some admin can help him?


Have you tried asking @Mafalda & @PatrickKlug ?


So were you able to find the email?


Hi there,

Can you give us a little bit more detail about what’s happening? Do you see any error messages when you start the game, or does it simply not open up?

Like it was previously suggested, it might be useful to reinstall the game and try to run it without your mods enabled. If you don’t have your download link, either email or with your purchase details (name and email address), so we can resend you that information.

Hope to hear from you soon!