Business Tycoon (Need C# Programmers and Artists) (In-Development)

Business Tycoon by Unigen Software

Business Tycoon - What is it?

It’s a game where you can CHOOSE what type of business it’s
going to be. I (Christian, Maker of Unigen) plan that this might be free
(I might change my mind). Blog which has the updates can be found right here:
Game forums can be found here:

Types of Businesses Planned

  1. Software Dev. (Includes Game Dev and OS Dev, )
  2. Console and PC Dev. (Includes Hardware Maker, Custom PC Building, Console Making, and Laptop Maker)

People That Work For Unigen

Lead Developer and Maker - Christian AKA DeadPro60
Lead Artist - GamePro075
Artist - Plasma

Release Dates?

  • 1st Alpha release date - Very Soon - Very Basic Things. Only Game Dev Type is Available
  • 2nd Alpha Release Date - Next Week if I Can Get An Artist - Better Refined GUI
  • 3rd Alpha Release Date - ?
  • This list will update.

Planned Features (Top to Bottom is the Priority)

  1. Have businesses that do multiple things.
  2. Mod support for the game.
  3. Do features you guys really want me to do. (If I think that it’s good for the game)
    X. Create a blog site for updates and change logs. : Finished new blog site

Current Progress

100000000% - Planning and Getting ideas
100% - GUI System
100% - jobs
100% - Reviewing system
100% - Saving System
100% - Simple date system
50% - Simple Fans system
10% - Code Clean-Up
50% - Refining GUI

80% Overrall: Alpha

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Official Alpha Testers


Thanks to These People for Ideas!

Thank you for reading this and please leave replies, I like to read and reply to them :grin:. Also, if you would like to be an alpha tester, PM me!

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Development going well :smile:

This is just the bare bones! I’ll be making a better title screen but for now I’ll just keep it like this.

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Well hello there :smiley:

I would love to do the art for you :slight_smile:
can you contact me, so we can discuss the options?

I really need an artist.

But you already have like… 10 projects or something…

Don’t tell aswin what to do

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But what to PM you then

Yeah, but both my programmers PC’s are broken atm…so I will need to wait until they are repaired or they get a new one…

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Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t doing that.

Oh, ok.

What should the reviewer’s company’s name be? :wink: totally not working on a reviewing system

Mmm, im thinking of rewriting code in a engine. Nah, might for Business Tycoon 2. hehehe. It can be like, your actually the CEO of your company, walking around asking for people to do things and stuff.You know what? I am going to rewrite the whole code in a engine, I feel like i would do better and feel more, smooth and sleek. Actually, yeah I’ll just go for a new engine in Business Tycoon 2.

games games games corp maybe somthing from vghs

Hello @DeadPro60!
I have 2 questions for you.

  1. Can you give me the REVIEW copy once its almost finished? So that I can review it accurately
  2. Is this game going to be free or paid?
    I see potential in this game.

######BTW I’m officially a reviewer now.

dude, you’re like 12

ehem… 13.

You should use an engine like Unity or XNA

.NET Framework for the win!

Well a engine has his pro’s and con’s…I love programmers who use there own engine…although Unity and Unreal are very powerfull and great…and you can export to all consoles…

I think Unity 5 is good for indie devs (Like GHG) and Unreal Engine 4 is just good for… eh… the slightly better shiet :sunglasses: