Bugs I Found In Version 1.5.28


In The Version 1.5.28 of the game found some bugs.
1.)When i try to press a button (create engine,finish a game,add more options for an engine and many more)sometimes it wont work,i must then put my cursor somewhere else then after some secs press again and it works.
2.)When i click somewhere (simple screen,a person) an action menu appears,and it stops the game time and ppl,and then,if i press esc,i go to the menu,i press esc again and the time continues with the action menu open.
3.)When i make a new game,i choose the topic,write the title and when i choose the genre the title disappears,but it does not happen with any other category (like platform topic or engine).
PS: Sorry For My Bad English,but at least i can report this.