Bug rich backstory / wont progress


I have been experiensing this bug the last 10 times planting the game.

I have researched all the available techs, done all the upgrades to office, have 30-100 M credits and all seems great.

The game wont progress beyond stage 2 (medium office).
One feature of the bug is that when I reseach «Rich backstories», it cant be developed into the custom engine. I can play for ever without anything moving the game forward.

This bug applies to both on phone and iPad.
Tried to delete and reinstall the game many times, but same thing happens every time.

Have the game also on PC, and have played it there like 100 times so I know what I need to do to progress.

Hope you van help me out:)


Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Can you get in contact with the support team, by writing an e-mail to support+gdtm@greenheartgames.com ? Just copy and paste the text you already wrote. We will be able to handle that issue a bit more efficient that way. Thanks for now


This is not a bug. Rich backstory does not need to be added to a custom game engine because it can be used without one when researched.