Arabic (AR-SA) translation



Both I and my friends at our little hosting company are happy to help you guys translate the game into arabic

We really love the game and would love to see it in arabic


trying to get this thing up


we want the game in arabic


Please add the Arabic language to the respectable game


Actually i am already workin’ as a translator with a bachelor degree in English and almost 10 yrs of experience. On the same hand planing to purchase the game in the near future. So, I am ready to work on the translation.

P.S: Already working on the translation of WeChat, although the app is not installed on my BB Z10.


We want it in arabic please
we all ready to help you guys in translation in well be are pleasure and i hope you accept it
and if you translate it alot of arab well buy in just because its on arabic


Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?

@Saud_Abuhaimed Please register on and let me know when you have and i will upgrade you to moderator status.

@kwmx I have upgrade you to moderator status at the translation site. Are you still interested? Let us know and we will set up a AR-SA page.

And which countries will AR-SA useable in?


Thank you for replying
We are ready to start translating
as for ar-sa
it refers to Saudi Arabia
but its still usable in any Arabian country


Thanks for the information. We aim to set up a AR-SA page within the next 3 hours.
/Edit - AR-SA page is up and ready!

Translate Game dev Tycoon to Arabic

If you are looking for the main AR - SA thread please look here;

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