Any Tycoon games involving hardware design?

I have been searching on the internet and I have not found one.

I was too, I found one, the GameBiz series (2 or 3).
It’s not only hardware, but offers best hardware designing.

Those games are just too complex for me and I can’t really stand the text based graphics.

Or is it?

Is it free? Oh gawd please be free! DAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

GB 2 is free (I think), and GameBiz 3 is cheap, but there is no problem with downloading it for free…

Lol, shneakay shneakay!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Take a look at his

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Yes, please!
I want this.

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@mungem That looks awesome, Thanks.

Lets hope they get enought funds to make it :slight_smile:

It’s almost half, and we got over month to donate and this is a cool project.
So, it looks good.

You know downloading games is illegal right?


Kuz itz not.

That mean’s:
Yes, of course I know, I just said.

You said you could just GameBiz 3 for free. That’s illegal. You’re now telling me the opposite of what you said. It wouldn’t surprise me if you pirated Game Dev Tycoon right now.

I Did,
But then dad bought me original one for birthday.

That doesn’t give you a very good reputation among us. Pirating… Definitely with your behavior.

I already said that 90% of my games was pirated, only to see if it is really good. So, GDT was good and I just bought it (okay, not me, my dad).
And, It wasn’t easy to buy it (That’s what my dad sai, I dont know why).

90% of your games are pirated? That means only 10% of the games on your PC are bought legitimately? That doesn’t seem right.

WERE, Were pirated to see if they are good enough to pay for them. Other 10% cannot be pirated, like SimCity.
I guess I have ONE pirated game, Worms 4. My friend gave me it, but I don’t really know if he bought it.