Any news on Game 2?

I’ve followed you for about 2 years, with no updates on Game 2 or GDT… What are you guys doing?

They’re working on game 2. But they are not yet at the stage where they want to reveal anything big yet.

Do we have ANY info on when its going to be released? I think in 2018

No info on when it will be released


I was about to ask this too. Would be great to hear a little more from the devs about it soon.

I am pretty sure that they are going to announce something soon.

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We have faith.

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I was wondering and if actually we could say and be sure it has the same mechanics as the GDT the right click context menu, pause menu, workstations. It would take less time and the game would be ready in next 3-4 months while showing us the screenshots and revealing today. So we can be sure it’s not the same mechanics, or the same system. But it’s gonna be something big, legendary and revolutionary. :slight_smile:

Months ago edit: If it will be the same engine it would take less time.

Glad to hear you’ve been following us. :slight_smile:

To answer your question: we’ve been working on Game #2. I’m sure you want details, but I want to avoid sounding repetitive, so I’ll tell you that we’ve been expanding our team, so you can imagine Game #2 is going to be a tad more ambitious. So @Visual917 was right, it’s going to be bigger!

I can safely say this, though: if we were just making a slapdash game, it would have taken us a considerable lesser amount of time. As it stands, we’re challenging ourselves into giving you something we hope you’ll want to spend some long hours playing.

Thank you all for being patient and understanding! :green_heart:


But you already did! You created Game Dev Tycoon, I’ve spent 714 hours on that game! And if you dont call that a suscess then I don’t know what is.


Their next game, that’s what is. I can already tell. Greenheart Games don’t seem to be rushing and to be fair, I don’t mind that. It’s better they take a long time to create a quality game than spit out a game that’s exactly the same as the one they made a year ago.

But I hope they do go back to enhance Game Dev Tycoon one day. It’d be cool to have more stages, ability to sell engines at custom prices, add DLC to games and lots more hardware and R&D features along with a longer lasting story. But I’d like to see what their “Game #2” has to offer.

I wouldn’t mind waiting, give me more time to catch up to your hours played on GDT, so far mine is 114.


GDT Re-mustard.

With 20% more shenanigans.

And 100% more Electronic Arts Greenheart Games.

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And 50% DLC’s for $39.95

And adding pools to The Sims 4 is hard and you need a stable internet connection and an activation code or else we’re scared that you’ll pirate the game. We will also shut it down after 3 years when not enough money has been made.

Thank you for the money,
Electronic Farts.

And when everytime you make a great city from simcity in which you get disconnected everytime, Orgin - Everytime you pay us, expect some of your favorite games to be Ripped Off.

Origin claims that I played Sim City for 15 hours, yet I have never managed to even get through the tutorial without it crashing or logging me out.

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