Any news on Game 2?


Play Cities: Skylines, it’s way better and the devs are great. It’s 27,99$ on Steam, I got it on a sale with a 75% discount and some DLC. Totally worth it.


Too lazy to pay, i pirate everyday .3.


Those would actually be really good lyrics for a song.

Too lazy to play, I pirate everyday.
Look at me, count to three, I pirate your game.
Go away, don’t say, or I’ll hack u.
*You little kid, you little ***. <<< Not meant as offensive.
You wanna play it rough? You’ve done ENOUGH!


Omg! How come you didnt win the platinum Trophy for that song?! Best song of 2016 11/10! :smiley:


Thank you all! raises his oscar
But we’re going off-topic here, let’s stop until more news on Game #2 has been released.


I have put 2332 hours in gdt



Good meme :smiley: