ANNOUNCEMENT: We will further improve the game and listen to your suggestions but please be patient

This is just a quick note to say that we will listen to feedback and we plan to balance, polish and improve the game further. Please give us a bit of time to deal with important bug fixes first and please understand that we simply do not have the time to respond to suggestions right at the moment.



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You guys rock. Loving the game so far, can’t wait to see what’s next.


Oh, excellent! Is there any estimate as to when a patch would come? Would it be something we’d have to download or does the game prompt the user to update it during launch?

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That’s wonderful.
Just a little piece of advice, add to the announcement : NO ETA.

Because if you don’t say it be ready to have : is it ready ?
and if you say one : You said it was ready at X ? Where is the patch ?

And last thing, you should maybe think of installing a bug tracker, or something else, because even if the forum is REALLY wonderful, it doesn’t sweet good with development.


please see this for latest update

Could you add a new category ?
Named game updates.

That would be easier to follow.

Cool beans man. I appreciate you’ve worked hard and I hope you see a little cash in your pocket for your efforts.

Must be a royal pain in the arse having everyone expecting you to be able to churn out fixes instantly. It reminds me of this GaveDev Sim where you release a game then a load of people moan about it needing patching and you have to put a dent in a new project to take a guy off it to develop the patch and…

Oh, wait.


except that here the patching progress bar is stuck (at least it feels that way) :smiley: - seriously though, updates should come quicker now that we have people help with forum moderation and support etc.


I just bough the game after seeing that article from PCgamer, I hope you get more sales, i think you need to advertise more. Thank you for the fun, addictive game.

Is there a topic containing most, if not all, the different proposal/advice?
As I would like to see what is proposed and if it’s useful that I start a new topic with my ideas or not.

The most active thread with suggestions and ideas is here: Things you would like to see in Game Dev Tycoon?

There are 2 things i would like to see in the game:
1st when you make a sequel, make it so that it will keep the name of the original game.
and 2nd when creating a big game with a improved engine, if you have staff specialized in one area, let’s say Design, if you add him to do the design of the game, get a 20-30% boost over normal workers. Let’s say design slider is all the way up, if you have a normal worker with no specialization, it will be around 60%, if you add someone specialized in design it should go up to 80 or 90%

That’s great to hear, looking forward to it.

Very fun game, super addictive. I kinda wish i had the ability to research sequels earlier. And have longer game names :slight_smile:

it would be nice to see this game worked and improved as the months go by. so this is not a 8 dollar game that lasts for a week then dies in a sense


To improve your game further Mr.Klug,

I suggest extending the game further by after awhile being able to develop your company’s own console.

Just a thought.

In your largest office you can start a Research and Development Lab, research building your own console, then open a Hardware Lab. :wink: There are a lot of prerequisites and I am not comfortable trying it until I have at least 30m in the bank.

You guys must be raking in the money! That stunt with the Torrent worked with just about every major news outlet on the internet :wink:

You deserve it too - great game! The last time I was so addicted to a game was Football Manager on the ZX Spectrum when I was about 9 :wink:

One thing I think would really help the replayability of the game is an online Score Board. I just got 47,353,750, finishing in year 30 with 550M in the bank and a LOT of achievements, and I want to know if I have beat everyone!

What a game! Really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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Um… you can. In the hardware lab.