Announcement: First beta version with modding support is live

I’m happy to announce that modding support is available. Obviously no actual mods are available yet but if you are interested in adding stuff to Game Dev Tycoon then now is the time!

How can I get the mod-enabled version?

You will have to have the Steam version of the game (until the beta is over).

Use the Steam beta feature.

  1. Right-click on Game Dev Tycoon.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. Go to the beta tab.
  4. Select the beta version from the drop-down list. (If you don’t see a beta version, try re-starting the steam client or log out from the client and log in again.)
  5. Wait, until Steam updates the game. Once the update is complete, you can start the game (it should just work like usually).

###Great, I have the beta but there are no mods!
Indeed, that’s were you come in. If you want to create a mod, head over to the official Game Dev Tycoon Modding API github project which is, in fact, a mod itself.

You see, since we developed a game about developing games, we thought it would be fitting that we develop a mod that enables developing mods in the game about developing games…

What language can I write mods in?

Just as the game itself, mods are created using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

What can mods do?

The current API methods enable modders to easily add topics, add consoles and add complex story events but your mod is not limited to that. With a bit of JavaScript knowledge you can do much more. If you feel like helping other modders you can even extend the API itself. We fully intend to accept pull-requests and enhance the API together with the community.

When will we enable mods for the default version / outside steam?

As soon as we are happy with the stability of the beta.

And when will we get Steam Workshop support?

That will depend on how much interest we see in modding. If there is a lot of interest we will consider Workshop support.


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This is amazing! :green_heart: to you :slight_smile:

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KZSHMMMMM! head explodes What if the game get’s more than 25 mods then it can get a Steam Workshop for the game?


Thank you Patrick

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Lazily waits for other people’s mods

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There are some mods here at the moment:

No beta for Linux :frowning:

No BETA for me yet. Poo.

Aww… If i just had some coding skills then i will make a mod that makes mods which will make a mod making that mod with that mod and modding with a mod…
Anyways, nice decision on making mod support.

Wait… what did you just say? o.O

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OK, I got the beta now (“Beta - beta”).

Yay! You did it! :slight_smile:

Wait… I didn’t! :green_heart: steam client didn’t download anything and the version is still 1.4.4

Oh! I would’ve given you my GDT data but I have Windows so that will not help :confused:

Kiwi7@KiwiPC:~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Game Dev Tycoon$ ls

32 64 EULA.txt licenses

So no “mods” directory :frowning:

ahhh :frowning:
I don’t think it works when I give you my mods directory with Linux. D:

And i thought i was done with minecraftforum’s mods threads…

sorry, beta is only Windows at the moment. we will add it to mac/linux for release.