Android Release


Oh yeah, Greenheart Games just tweeted this:
GDT FOR ANDROID THE 31ST, I’m really excited, I will be getting it the day it comes out, @PatrickKlug is there also already an ETA on Steam update?

The update is on steam beta.

The app may not appear on android in your search results yet, JUST WAIT, no need to ask, its been answered a thousand times in this post.


It’s already January 31st.


I know, I can’t wait either


There couldn’t have been a better time to get an Android Phone honestly, I just got mine yesterday and I remembered this so now I have an extra game to play.


For curiosity, what is your android phone that you just bought?


A minute of waiting feels like an hour


Hello…? Its release day and Greenheart is completely radio silent with no game in sight…


just wait, I’m sure Patrick is working on it as we speak


I’m very excited for the release I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning and went to the play store to see if they had not already released the game I need the Game Dev Tycoon


ITS OUT, NOT THE TOP RESULT YET, im installing as we speak



Does it not release everywhere at the same time? still not on my play store


can anyone give me a link to it? Doesn’t seem to be available for me

#14 Here os The link


Thanks M3ninoDP!


Thank you for the link - it wasn’t showing in my play store either. In North America and have an LG G6, not sure if that makes a difference.


I’m in North America too. Samsung user. It still doesn’t show up in the app when I search for it, I tried again this morning just to see if it did. Fortunately I was able to get to the purchase page through the link. when I went to the actual play store website on my computer it showed up there but just not in the app. Strange!


Just wait, it’ll be a while until its the number 1 result, remember, its google, think of the youtube algorithm


Sorry for the late reply but it’s a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017.


Someone had problems when saving game ?, I have to save three times to take it.