Android Release


@Martin_Padilla could you tell me more about your issues with saving the game?


When I try to save the game, if I save it once it does not, if I save it a second time it does, but when I start the application it tells me that the local game is different from the online game and when looking Both games are the same, I do not understand the problem


So when you get the dialog that says cloud and local save games are in conflict, they show the exact same year etc.? Could you please get in touch via so we can investigate further? Thanks!


Already completed the game twice on Android. It is awesome, however there are some savegame reload issues sometimes. Also. A Save&Exit button would be very welcome, and might actuattly solve the issue.


I have a somewhat similar issue. Possibly the game is not reloading the correct save on Continue. A save and exit option/button would be a solution maybe?


A save and exit button won’t fix a thing, it would use the same save function as the actual save button and thus if the save button doesn’t work the save and exit button won’t save either.


Probably You are right. Anyways: The savegame controversy should be reviewed. Otherwise it is a very great game indeed.


Well for me its always been working just fine.


Martin: What mobile / Android version did You use? Perhaps we could check ours and see if they differ from JustMaffie’s

@JustMaffie: What device/OS did You use GdT on?


I use a Wiko Jerry with Android, have no idea what version


I use Huawei P9 Lite with Android 7.0


S8+ / Android 7