Android Release - Day 1 Report: What a reaction!

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Yesterday, Game Dev Tycoon released on Google Play. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, just click on the image below. Since our iOS release reports received a lot of interest (you can read part one, part two, part three and part four), we decided to do the same with our Android…

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TL;DR You are all amazing!

I frantically hit the buy button as soon as I received the newsletter :sweat_smile:


I tried getting one of those pirated ones (i bought the game on my personal device) and it seems that on the second stage, pirate mode activated itself. Is this intentional since i’m not getting it on my bought one

Yay been waiting for this report

Not sure if the charts are different by region, but I’m in the US and Game Dev Tycoon is showing up at #5 in Top Paid in Games and #1 in Top New Paid Games under New Releases.

Anyway, congrats on the successful launch on Android! Having an absolute blast playing it on Android – coming from a user who doesn’t really play mobile games.

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Bought it when it became available and have enjoyed playing the game again. First newsletter had a broken play store link, but the second one fixed that.

Really happy that this is out now and its no wonder its rated this high :slight_smile:

Yea, sorry about that. You are one of the first 6K who got the newsletter. Sadly the only way to cancel the newsletter was to delete the campaign which then made all links in the email invalid :confused:

I’d love to know what was more profitable, iOS versus Android?

We’ll report on this when we know. Too early to tell.

wow, that’s amazing!

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Yeah, its no real problem, the correct one came in shortly after that. I’ve been playing it a bit too much lately, damn you all :wink:

I’m an expat in Germany. I noticed my credit card from Turkey was expired only because of the game. After 3 years I made a new profile just to buy the game :smiley:

Wrote the review, wrote in Face, twitter etc
I love you guys’ work, I love the cute messages you send us in game, I love it all.

Still have beers with your names on it if you drop by Berlin at all!

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How many people actually got the game?

we installed a new plugin for the forum just to add a beer emoji to this… :smiley:

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Hahaha thats funny, is that why I got the “Cannot load app”?


Beer is the priority xD

Emojis are :eyes: :grin:

:heart: emojis, I use them on Discord all the time :slight_smile: