Android Release - Day 1 Report: What a reaction!


Congratulations on the launch guys!


Still sad that we can’t get it in South Africa :unamused: and I really don’t like the piracy route. Especially not for smaller developers.


Haha, just bought mine on exaclty moment that received that weird note!

Thanks for this great deal!!!


Interesting article. One subject I would like to touch on is piracy. What I would like to know is, what is the piracy level when broken down by region? 40 to 50 percent sounds like a lot, but what regions specifically contributed to this? Surely in the US the piracy rate wasn’t 50 percent or anywhere near. Other devs have made it clear a lot of that piracy stems from China and Russia. I would imagine the game isn’t even being sold in China, since they don’t have access to the Play Store. Which is why they always have such high piracy rates.

Basically it would be helpful if the developers broke down their piracy rates by region so we could clearly see most regions in the West actually contribute very little to the piracy rates. This is often a misunderstanding by most people, which is why “piracy on Android” is often shouted about by fans and the press alike. Greenheart Games, you have the chance to help dispell this myth, if you are willing to break down your piracy numbers for us.


hahah amazing! Looking forward to realsie beers!


Having played the original PC game I followed all the newsletters and so on, appreciated the no-spam approach and the announcement of the upcoming mobile release, was extra hyped by the iOS analyses (and frustrated having to wait for Android!) and now am addicted to the Android version. Well done guys, and it’s heartwarming to see your reaction to a successful launch :heart: :beers:


So do mobile developers simply have to accept that 50% of their players will be pirates? Is that one of the main drivers behind F2P games these days?


Yeah you just have to accept it, there’s nothing you can do against it


It’s been the main drive towards F2P for a long time and realistically they have won a long time ago. The cliff between freemium and premium on mobile is staggering. We were at #5 top selling today and didn’t even feature in the Top 540 top grossing. The only paid game I found (Minecraft) was at spot 43.

There are no AAA mobile premium games because no one could afford this. In fact our budget (190K) was, in my opinion, already way too risky for the mobile landscape. It’s a shame really but players wallets are the driving factor and people are just more likely to spend hundreds of dollars in slot machine games and on loot boxes, instead of paying 10$ for a game.


This is exactly why you should make me a alpha/beta tester for tavern keeper.


Well, even if it would happen, what in app purchases could a game dev simulation game ever have…?


On a serious note… I work for an evil company and I agree. I really would like to change my job^^ That said, it might be interesting to find some ways for games to survive.

What is that exactly prevents cash grabs from being pirates? Social functions? Server-dependent architecture?


server dependent stuff will just get removed, its really impossible to stop piracy, people will find ways to bypass it anyway


Haha I saw that e-mail with the odd punctuation and laughed. “How did this even happen?” It’s only funnier to learn that it was an emoji mess up!

Also, I look forward to eventually getting this on Android. I’m really terrible at it, but maybe I’ll do better this time!


Hahaha we were all terrible at the game at one point, well everyone but Patrick maybe lol